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Length: Around 300 pages
Available for: Reviews and Giveaways.
The Book is: An advanced ebook copy. It is not published until December 4, 2011.

A paranormal YA Romance.

A young blogger has the ultimate on-line encounter; a spirit partner who introduces him to a world he must master to save his own. A ghost in the machine?

Adam is a 19 year old blogger who lives in his mother’s basement and who is dealing with a critically ill friend. A simple reply to a blog fan e-mail begins a relationship with Pretoria, a a beautiful and mysterious young woman. Pretoria guides him into ‘the Realm’, a spirit world where he discovers he is a powerful force for the protection and survival of human kind. As Pretoria reintroduces Adam to the Realm and his place in it, he realizes that she is not only trying to reclaim him for the sake of humanity, but also for the spirit world and herself. Facing a powerful evil , Adam re-engages with the Realm in order to save his friend and the human world while re-discovering why he had tried to escape it in the first place. As a battle within the Realm reaches its climax, Adam must finally choose between his human and his spirit form, or lose both.

Reviews: There have been no reviews over WiSpY yet. It is now available for advanced reviewing.

Sample of WiSpY. Young Adult friendly.

Only a small sample is given, the actual ebook is spaced and/or indented.

Rob Andrews

Chapter One: WiSpY
STEEL RAINBOW BLOG – Stardate November, 20, 2011

So we have sunshine again today. 
I hate sunshine. 
It makes most people happy, but I have never liked it; it’s too insistent on being bright and cheery. 
It gives people the wrong idea about what life is like. 
Sunshine is a liar, a manipulator of people’s mental and emotional states. 
It steals their reason. Sunshine sucks…
The cursor sat there blinking at me, almost as if to say 'Well c’mon stupid, is that the best you’ve got?'  I sighed, exasperated and leaned back in my chair.  Tony warned me when I started this blog I was setting myself up.  I could still see him, sitting across from me with his calm black eyes, smiling but taunting me at the same time.
“Man, you have to say something every day," he'd said, "and I mean something people want to hear.  Otherwise you’re wasting everyone’s time and no one will read you. I don’t think you can handle the pressure bro’.”
Well, people did want to read me.  First a handful picked up on my site, then dozens, hundreds and now thousands were dropping in everyday to hear what I had to say.  Twitter and Facebook had helped spread the word and now, only four months after I blogged on life and its many paradoxes, I was getting enough hits that advertisers were not hanging up when I called.  I had a few sponsors and hits kept coming. 
And here I was talking for all intents and purposes about the weather.  Lame.
     My brain felt like it was gonna cook itself I was so tired, but I was running out of day and I hadn’t blogged yet.  Tony had been right.
     I had spent the day at the hospital; a noble cause, but not one my readers were going to care about.  Tony wasn’t their best friend.  They came to read my long winded rants on the perversity and irony of the world and of the fate that seemed intertwined with those of us who inhabited the place.  Thank God none of them knew how old I was.  Most people don’t buy wisdom so solid from a nineteen year old.  That was the beauty of the internet… I was everyman, an anonymous character of my own creation and they were in on the secret, turning me into whomever they needed me to be as they read what I posted.  I never posted my photo on the blog and the name “Steel Rainbow”, a paradox in itself, was the only name I ever used. 
It’s one of life’s perversities that sometimes the most incredible moments happen when you are absolutely unprepared.
That’s how it was with WiSpY.
     Sitting there, I tried not to focus on so many things; the stale pizza crusts on the plate beside the mouse, that I was still living in my mom’s basement, that my sister had stolen my cell phone again, or that my best friend Tony had taken so suddenly ill. I didn't even know  what on earth I was going to write instead of this drivel about the sun when a fanfare sounded from my monitor’s speakers. 
     I smiled through my frustration.  Who on earth still used email?  Must be Fred Flintstone…
     I opened the email screen and there he was… WiSpY. 
     His subject line was simple; close… 
     I opened the email.
     SR – enjoyed your piece on reincarnation.  I wonder if you know exactly how close you really were. Until you mentioned your ex-girlfriend coming back as a fire hydrant in a poodle infested neighborhood, I was beginning to think you had inside information; very intriguing indeed.  Sorry to hear about your friend.  Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.
     It was late, and I was tired and alone in the dark… in the basement, even if it was my mom’s house.  A small whisper of fear crept out of my boxers and willied its way up my spine, leaving a track of goose bumps in its wake.  The reincarnation bit was just a little of whatever,  but it seemed that he (?) knew about Tony.  Sitting for a second, trying to wrap my head around his message, I wrote him back.
     Who is this?

     I pressed send and fired the question into cyberspace. The fanfare sounded less than ten seconds later.
     No way…my fingers flew.
    I can read...who are you?
     A reader and a fan…nothing more.
     His answer was almost instantaneous…like he knew what I would ask before I asked it.
    Yeah right – I know you.  Is this you Tara?
     No Tara here.
    It better not be, you’re already toast if my phone’s not back by morning.
     Not Tara – WiSpY
    Who is this really?
     I don’t seem to be communicating very well.
    This is really cute.  I have work to do.  Thanks for the note.

     I  shut down the program, There was no time for a game of psychological hide and seek tonight.  Some people needed a life of their own, not to try and rend off bits of mine by creating some weird tense relationship so they could boast to their friends that they were tight with the blog star in the local area. 

     I blew air out of my lungs in a slow stream and smiled.  WiSpY might have done me a favor… I was gonna scratch the sunshine crap and write about the perversity of the celebrity stalker whose obsession always created the polar opposite effect from the one they wanted.

     WiSpY again…no subject line.
     It’s Lupus.  They won’t catch it for a few days…it’s not common in young men.  He’ll get treatment and he’ll be OK.
     I stared, my breath having trouble remembering how to get from the air into my lungs, or the reverse direction for that matter.  It was a few minutes before I could type.
    OK, this isn’t funny.  Who are you talking about?
     Your friend.
    I have lots of friends.
    Who the hell is this??
     It’s OK, I hate sunshine too.